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Vibration Training DVD
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Vibration Training DVD

Price per Unit (Program): £9.95


Benefits of Vibration Training

Originally developed by Russian space scientists in the 1970s to help their cosmonauts achieve peak physical fitness for space flight, vibration training is the most effective way to get fit in the shortest possible time. Vibration training works all of the muscles in the body, against the 40%-60% used in 'normal workouts'.

Vibration training achieves this by creating an almost continuous stretch reflex in muscles (the tonic stretch reflex), and making them contract at incredibly high frequencies. With the muscles contracting at such high frequencies, almost everything is stimulated faster and more effectively.

Vibration training will cut your workout time in half.

Here are some of the benefits of our Vibration Training Workout:

Aids weight loss
Improves posture
Strengthens core muscles
Strengthens abdominal muscles
Firms and tones the upper body Improves sports performance
Speeds recovery from pregnancy and child birth
Fights back pain
Relieves neck tension

As a result of these workouts you will feel stronger, more balanced and more confident. Your stomach will be flatter with a more defined waist, you will look and feel slimmer and your posture will improve. Your spine will be better supported, reducing back pain.

Key Features

Highly effective all over body workout
Designed by celebrity trainer, Phil Maguire, to get outstanding results fast
Three separate workouts to surprise body and mind: beginner, intermediate and advanced
Different exercises in each workout
Workouts increase in difficulty
Total running time - 50 minutes 

Kit Required

Vibration Bar


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